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Social media the online platform which connects us all to a large extent on all aspects once the prolonged tiring messages have came to a matter of seconds. The very existence of social media has an greater impact in our lives than anything else. On the 21st century, since the mankind has stepped so far in terms of technological advancements the social media platforms have also increased its activity and spreaded out its roots to become more and more interactive with our lives, and gradually we have enter the world of virtual life where the people have different life unlike the real world……                                         – by Aditya Das


You may remember Second Life, a 3D, immersive, digital equivalent of the physical world. In 2007, roughly a million people were drawn to Second Life and created their own digital avatars in this VR game. They meet and interact with other people via their avatars and handles. And they buy real estate, visit virtualized landmarks and monuments, travel to places, and even own and trade in Second Life’s virtual currency (Linden $).                       – by Sanskriti Singh

Vs Code Setup

When you’re a #CodeNewbie starting out on #100DaysOfCode, your Visual Studio Code setup probably leaves a lot to be desired. Here’s how to go from zero to professional web developer by installing and configuring some crucial extensions, themes, and add-ons.

What separates a professional web developer’s VS Code from a brand-new installation is the use of extensions, especially code formatters and linters that automatically detect and fix problems in your code. Using code formatters (typically Prettier) and linters (usually ESLint) tend to be mandatory when contributing to open-source projects online. But they’re generally awesome to have even if you never plan to work on open-source. ..             – By Sabuj Golui